Chief Operations Officer (COO) for Production

von: Speedgoat GmbH | Ort: Liebefeld/Bern
N: SpeedgoatGmbH

About Speedgoat

Speedgoat test systems enable R&D engineers to thoroughly test embedded controllers, and to rapidly prototype complex control designs.

Controllers tested and control designs prototyped with Speedgoat test systems are frequently used for electric vehicles and aircraft, for grids, renewable energy source products, industrial machinery, and medical devices. Speedgoat test systems are also used to teach engineers.

Speedgoat solutions seamlessly integrate with MATLAB® and Simulink®.



As the Chief Operations Officer (COO) for Production you lead the Swiss production department producing Speedgoat’s real-time target machine, and manage assembly and testing, work preparation, purchasing, and warehouse management teams.

You also closely collaborate with Corporate Services for order processing and exportation, with Product Management for product introductions and lifecycle management, and with Quality Engineering to ensure complete and efficient testing and documentation.

Furthermore, you closely collaborate with key suppliers to ensure the timely availability of production components of the required quality and quantity. And you closely collaborate with customer facing teams to collect and implement market feedback.




  • Determine required headcount, equipment and materials needed to cover production demand, and continuously track resources.
  • Plan and execute activities to continuously evolve effectivity and efficiency, such as by further automating testing processes, refining purchasing forecasts, improving packaging solutions, optimizing warehouse management, and assuring timely and transparent communication with other departments.

Team Management

  • Write job descriptions, perform job interviews, and hire new team members
  • Supervise and lead production teams, including assigning tasks and responsibilities
  • Provide guidance, training, and support to team members
  • Monitor employee performance and provide feedback

Quality Control

  • Implement and enforce quality control standards and procedures
  • Organize regular inspections to monitor product quality and adherence to specifications
  • Address and resolve quality issues or defects promptly
  • Troubleshoot issues, and coach production technicians
  • Maintain production equipment and machinery

Safety and Compliance

  • Promote a culture of safety, and assure compliance with the Speedgoat Health and Safety management system
  • Track and assure compliance with product safety, EMC, raw materials and other product and production regulations

Inventory Management

  • Monitor inventory levels to assure sufficient future supply at an appropriate inventory level
  • Keep track of the work-in-progress and of loaned components

Process Improvement

  • Continuously evolve production processes compliant with ISO9001 and ISO14001
  • Create and maintain complementary guidelines and instructions
  • Monitor key performance indicators, and initiate corrective action


  • Communicate production goals, assignments and changes to the production team
  • Collaborate with other departments such as engineering, logistics and sales to ensure alignment

Meeting Deadlines

  • Ensure that production schedules are met and that products are delivered on time
  • Adjust production plans as necessary to meet changing demands

Customer Satisfaction

  • Collect and monitor customer feedback to best meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Adress customer complaints and implement corrective actions

Continuous Improvement

  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement within the production team
  • Implement Lean, Six Sigma, or similar principles, if applicable, to drive efficiency


Job requirements

  • At least five years of experience in managing production or similar teams
  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering, and additional business or production centric education
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Understanding of the industries in which Speedgoat operates
  • A strong motivation to continuously evolve and improve production processes
  • A strong motivation to assure on-time deliveries and best quality
  • Proficiency in data analysis and the ability to use data-driven insights
  • Networking skills to build relations with other teams
  • Excellent communication skills in English and German, both written and verbally
  • Excellent organizational skills and strong entrepreneurial spirit


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