Diplomatic Security Officer

von: VxL Switzerland SA | Ort: Bern
N: VxLSwitzerlandSA

VxL Switzerland is seeking highly motivated and skilled security personnel for uniformed services, including basic guard through supervisory positions. Candidates receive exceptional training from one of America’s highest skilled security organizations as well as from the US Government. VxL offers competitive compensation and employment benefits.

Successful candidates will:

  • (a) Complete an 80-hour Diplomatic Security Service training program in Bern, 01-12 April 2024;
  • (b) Initially work part-time, on-call in Bern upon hiring (guaranteed conversion to full-time);
  • (c) Speak English at a B1 minimum and at least one Swiss language; 
  • (d) Submit proof of no criminal history and financial solvency.

N: VxLSwitzerlandSA

  • Bern

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