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Company Description


Welcome to SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG

We are a pioneering network of online marketplaces and a leading European digital company that simplifies people’s lives with forward-looking products.


Job Description


Your real-world title:

Chief Maker of the Kingdom of the Microservice 

Software development is part science, part art. In your role you set the rules for the scientific part and create the environment for the artistic one. You thereby ensure users of General Marketplaces platforms enjoy fast and reliable services.

What you’ll do

As Director Engineering, you set the technological agenda for General Marketplaces and see through its implementation. In the process, you think of “tech” as a fundamental enabler to achieve our overarching goals, not as an isolated entity living a life of its own. 

You will wear two hats, the “business” and the “tech” one. The former will make you argue for dedicating the vast majority of our development capacity to crafting new user-facing, value-creating functionalities. The latter will make you bid for more resources to be dedicated to paying down technical debt and increasing the reliability of our tech infrastructure, an argument that will be based on Service Level Objectives that you will define and measure for all critical elements of our platforms. Over time, juggling those two seemingly conflicting priorities will become natural – like a pendulum swing – and your colleagues in the leadership team will realize that the two different hats are actually a single, big sombrero

You will lead our unit’s largest team, spread across 5 different physical office locations, 2 continents and a dozen different languages. You know all too well how much emphasis you will need to put on creating a compelling environment for software engineers to thrive: from the right tooling, through the expected technical challenge, to the anticipated learning path. Coaching, supporting and growing your direct reports comes natural and you will ensure the same, over time, applies to them. Last but now least, you will keep an eye on aspects that often fall through the cracks and at the bottom of the priority list: efficient CI/CD processes, proper documentation and QA resources just to name a few. 




Who you are

This is your first time leading a large engineering organization — not. You have extensive tech leadership experience and have seen it all before: tech strategy definition, choice of platforms, build vs buy, team structuring and career ladders — if it exists in tech, you have come across it. 

You set the tone for how your team works: you nurture a culture of experimentation and learning, and you value agility and reliability in equal measure. You have a progressive mindset when it comes to technological solutions; you are a critical thinker yet open-minded. You listen, consider different points of view and make the tough calls no one else wants to make — for instance how many different tech platforms our products should be based upon. 

Why you should jump at the opportunity

Let’s be frank: this is not for the faint of heart – but if you’re in for the challenge we guarantee the professional ride of your life. You will face complex engineering challenges such as blending the user bases of two widely used classifieds platforms, accommodating 50% growth of a transactional marketplace with its diminishing but still notable share of legacy code, or handling transactions worth CHF 1 billion per year. Your technical leadership will most certainly go up a notch and after this you will be ready for any challenge your professional will throw at you. Finally, you will do all this in a company that aims to double its value over the next few years, with all the opportunities and challenges that come with such an ambitious goal.


Additional Information


Benefits you’ll love:

  • 6 weeks of holidays (with the possibility to buy up to 10 additional days)
  • 40-hour week (flexitime with a cap at 45 hours 🡲 We take work-life balance seriously)
  • 6 months' notice after the probationary period
  • SBB Half-Fare Card
  • You travel 1st class by train between SMG sites in Switzerland
  • 18 weeks maternity and 6 weeks paternity leave (also in case of adoption)
  • Professional accident and supplementary insurance (100% covered by SMG)
  • Great flexibility to work from home
  • Independent counselling centre for personal and psychological problems
  • Gender-neutral fair pay with clearly defined career profiles
  • Choose your hardware (Mac, Windows + 2 monitors for home)
  • Choose your mobile phone (iPhone, Samsung, Pixel)

Apply today. We are looking forward to meeting you!


About Us

SMG Swiss Marketplace Group Ltd. is a pioneering network of online marketplaces and cutting-edge European digital company that simplifies people’s lives with innovative products.

SMG Swiss Marketplace Group Ltd. provides customers with the best tools to meet their life decision needs. The portfolio includes Real Estate (ImmoScout24HomegateImmostreet.chhome.chPublimmoAcheter-Louer.chCASASOFTIAZI), Automotive (AutoScout24MotoScout24CAR FOR YOU), General Marketplaces (anibis.chtutti.chRicardo) and Finance & Insurance (FinanceScout24). The company was founded in November 2021 by TX Group AG, Ringier AG, La Mobilière and General Atlantic.

  • Zürich

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