Electronics and Requirements Engineer

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Electronics and Requirements Engineer

* Define and iterate the instrument requirements with respect to electronics, operations, and software in a cross-functional engineering team and with the industrial consortium members.
* Support of the development of the electronics system of the instrument over its lifecycle ranging from requirements engineering over the development to assembly and delivery of the instrument.
* Iterate model philosophy, as well as assembly, integration, verification, qualification, product assurance, and quality assurance, etc. plans.
* Issue, maintain, and release the top-level engineering and interfaces documents, in particular Instrument Requirements Document and Verification Control Document.
* Provide documentation and oversee quality control and product assurance.
* Manage and support the collaboration for testing and integration of the instrument, at Bern and in the USA.
* Support and oversee the procurement of space qualified components as well as the manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards.

* Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics, or related field.
* 5 years of experience working in a product-oriented research and development (R&D) setting.
* Profound knowledge of complex electronics.

* 3 years of experience in electronics engineering and/or requirements engineering.
* Experience in high-speed data acquisition and high voltage power supplies.
* Familiarity with space projects and knowledge of the NASA or ECSS standards.

The position is available from February 2024 or upon negotiation, for an initial period of one year with the option of extension. Our salary range is determined in accordance with the personnel regulations of the Canton of Bern.

For subject-specific questions and information about the position, please contact Dr. Rico Fausch: rico.fausch@unibe.ch

Applications (CV, diplomas and work certificates) should be submitted as a single PDF document to Tina Rothenbühler: tina.rothenbuehler@unibe.ch



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