Teacher Special Education m/w/d (80-100%) Middle School + High School

von: Ecole d'Humanité | Ort: Hasliberg Goldern
N: Ecoled'Humanit

Your Responsibilities:
As a learning support specialist, you will be responsible for supporting students from a wide range of social, cultural, economic, and neuro-diverse backgrounds as they work towards achieving their academic potential. Your primary function will be to support students with additional learning needs. You will provide one-on-one coaching, skill development, and support to this student population. You will coordinate with our teachers, assisting them in making learning materials accessible for students with a diverse range of learning needs. You will support our teaching staff, providing professional development training focusing on adapting material and meeting the needs of students with learning differences. You will assist with and coordinate our learning center. You will lead courses in our co-curricular program.

What Makes You Stand Out:

  • Certified Teacher and special education specialist
  • At least five years of experience as an educator and special education specialist
  • Experience teaching students exhibiting symptoms of dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia
  • Experience teaching students with additional emotional or behavioral needs and teaching skills such as emotional recognition and management
  • Certified to work with a k-12 population
  • English native speaker
  • Extensive experience working with students with additional learning needs in a one-on-one setting
  • Fluent in ASL

What You Can Expect From Us:

  1. A dynamic and varried role with scope for initiative, creativity and new ideas
  2. An international and people-focused working environment where training and development are given the higest priority

Interested? Please send your application documents to job@ecole.ch.
Your questions will be answered by Erica Knecht. 033 972 92 22

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